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11 June
  • June 11, 2018
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Golf for Beginners a Step by Step
Guide to Getting Started with Golf

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Golf has become one of the most popular sports in the world, largely due to the fact that it is what many people consider to be the perfect balance between physicality and strategy.  There are certainly more physically-demanding sports out there, which many people enjoy, but while golf may look relatively sedate in comparison, it’s still good exercise and it’s out in the fresh air, which many people consider a bonus.  At the same time, it tests your mind as much as your body and, if you want to play it competitively, even just in friendly matches, you’ll need to be able to keep your nerve.  In team games, your team is there to support you, in one-on-one games like golf, you’re on your own, both literally and metaphorically.  Notwithstanding this, golf has a very strong social element, both on the green and in the clubhouse and in many places golf courses are a great way to meet new people from all kinds of walks of life.

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