For nearly fifteen years, informed on topics such as the golf swing, golf instruction, golf equipment, golf videos, mental golf, putter, Yips, handicap, and golf courses, golf taster courses, golf training and golf coach, new golf clubs, golf shops, but also about golf hotels, spa and golf trips. On our golf LINKS we only selected addresses on various topics before on either side. An entry is free for non-commercial sites with reciprocal link. As golf writer (in Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart writing) I (mostly) satirical columns, my ” Notes from Eugen Pletsch “are on GOLF GAGA to find. CYBER GOLF NEWS provides messages of the EPD Tour, the European Tour, the USPGA, the LPGA olfforen, golf blogs, golf news, and press releases and news about the sport of golf, which we feed to our customers online.

These services can be booked at reasonable prices. GOLF PLAZA shows high-quality offers from the areas of golf, health, wellness and travel. During the four Cyber Golf archives we have collected older texts, as well as a collection of tasteless, sexist and politically completely incorrect golf jokes, usually in English. Cyber Golf – the other Gulf is humorous, critical and independent and I will do everything to ensure that this remains so. Your / your link suggestions, text contributions and suggestions are welcome. Have fun – the . portal for golf and awareness Eugen Pletsch Advertise on Cyber Golf:Prospective advertisers receive our price list on request , or can me to a preliminary interview by phone 06403-7743497 reach (ideal: 10-13 clock).


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