Golfino Spain Collection

In recent years the world of golf has not only experienced rapid growth, it has also become more varied. As the number one specialist for golf clothing in Europe, GOLFINO’s portfolio is structured in line with these developments.

At the heart of the collections is the Green Label, an elegant range for discerning golfers who feel at home in the world’s top resorts. It offers superior comfort on the green and refined taste that allows the wearer to cut a good figure in the clubhouse too.

GOLFINO’s White Label emphasises sportiness in performance-focused clothing. White Label golfers are young – or young at heart – and uncompromising in their attitude towards the game. They’re interested not only in the latest grips, balls and club heads for their (golfing) life, but also in high-tech garments of superlative quality. Looking good at the same time is not just a secondary concern.

The Black Label stands for premium casual wear and takes inspiration from the latest trends, adding a sporty twist. The collection is international and cosmopolitan and could easily blend in with the style and quality of Bond Street fashion.

All of the collections are structured into modules, comprising 15 to 20 items, from caps to socks, making it easy to purchase coordinated outfits. The White Label also features half-modules, which are concentrated on a special group of high-tech items.

The GOLFINO flagship stores will be showcasing the Green and Black Labels in elegant white, while the White Label sales displays are cooler, more technical and metallic.