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GoGolf4Life was born when I tried to resurrect my playing career at the age of 50 – and I soon found the intuitive swing that had served me well when I was young, flexible and confident didn’t work as well as before. This caused a lot of pain therefore if I wanted to keep playing golf I was going to have to make some changes.

It soon became obvious that the many ‘patches’ I had applied to fix my faults through the years had actually made me worse, taking me further from the simple truth. I needed to remove many layers of compensation which had grown up, one on top of the other.

I also realised that golfing culture survived on the ‘quick fix’ mentality, and condemned millions to mediocre golf. If someone has a slice they want to get rid of and you sell them a product like a driver with a built-in hook, you do them a real disservice because even though the slice has gone (temporarily) so has any chance of correcting the cause of the slice. One more layer of compensation has been added. The less compensation a golfer has in his swing, the better.

It is vital that you realise you are the cause of your golf shots; don’t look elsewhere for answers.

I give golfers the tools to calm the mind, control their body, and maybe even the courage to release their amazing potential.

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